Featured Projects

aaronbae.com project screenshot
  • A personal website built on NextJS and React
  • Includes a custom blog feature that was built from ground up
  • MongoDB backend to handle the blog posts
  • AWS EC2 to host the website
  • AWS S3 to host the images to the blog
  • ExpressJS to handle the backend
  • SEO functionality possible via NextJS
  • Intended for collaborators and recruiters to learn more about me
Built with Responsive Concepts in Mind

Finance App is intended to be used as an analytical tool from the historical stock values. It automatically pulls daily Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) values from Yahoo API, and shows the users the stocks of their choosing.

Humang Dialogue quantifies the information exchange within a conversation. We are using a BERT-based transformer models to identify question-answer pairs within a transcript, and quantify them based on custom metrics.

AnaQA is a project that merges together DecompRC and Dr.QA to create a different type of question answering system. Given a question in the form of an english sentence, it is able to answer them based on the data gathered from Wikipedia.