• Aaron Beomjun Bae
  • Masters in Computer Science
  • UC Irvine Class of 2021
  • Focus on Natural Language Processing
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • University of Washington Class of 2019


University of California Irvine
Masters in Computer Science,University of California - Irvine
  • Started attending since September 2019.
  • Focus in natural language processing using transformer based models.
  • Participating in Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems.
  • Looking for full time software engineering or data scientist role after graduation
University of Washington
Bachelor of Science in MathematicsUniversity of Washington
  • Attended from September 2015 until June 2019
  • Applicable Mathematics classes such as Matrix Algebra, Differential Equations, and Mathematical Reasoning
  • Applicable Data Science classes such as Database Management, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Efficient in Python, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, AWS, D3, NodeJS, React, AJAX, Ruby, Sparks
  • Abundant research experience from Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab (WXML) and assistantship to graduate researcher at Foster School of Business.
  • Member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity Gamma Chi Chapter.

Technical Experiences

Computer Science ResearcherMarch 2020 - PresentUniversity of California, Irvine

Professor Padhraic Smyth Research:

As a graduate researcher for Professor Padhraic Smyth, I am working on ways to analyze dialogue dataset. Datasets like Switchboard Corpus and ICSI Meeting Recording Corpus contains turn-by-turn transcripts from a conversation along with a few semantic annotations. The goal of the project is to analyze this conversational dataset to develop a method to quantify the quality of information exchange.

Computer Science ResearcherJun 2018 - Jun 2019University of Washington

Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab:

I was invited to work with Professor Christopher Hoffman to participate on his Mathematics in Gerrymandering Project. He works to analyze search the state space for the ways to draw out the districts. We used C++ and Python as the engine of the project, and built NodeJS servers to distribute, visualize, and explain the political data we mined.

Assitantship to Emisa Nateigh, Ph.D:

As a lab assistant to Emisa Nateigh, a Ph.D student at the University of Washington Foster School of business, I helped to create a machine learning system to perform Multi-Tasking Gaussian Process learning algorithm on the collected medical data. Mainly, used Python and NumPy to carry out the statistical process. Used MatplotLib and D3.js to visualize the information.

Backend Software EngineerJun 2018 - August 2019Dapper Grooming

Backend Development Team:

Continuing my intersets in backend web development, I worked with a University of Washington alumn who was starting a company called Dapper. The company needed a basic web based platform to launch their project, and I helped them by creating an AWS server to handle their client traffic.

Software Engineering InternJun 2017 - August 2017Crowd Cow

Frontend Developer:

As a frontend developer, I worked on improving CrowdCow's private e-commerce platform by changing the client purchase UI pipeline. Also, worked on various features like in-house data visualization dashboard that displays company statistics.

Backend Developer:

As a backend developer, I worked on middlman the information between the database and the client servers. Main technologies that I used were MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Git, Bundler, RuboCop, Stripe, and Puma.